About us

MQL Suay is a brand that focuses on bringing attention and awareness to social and climatic issues around the world. MQL is an extension of Miquel Suay’s, creative director of Suay Ceremonia and Miquel Suay, pre-a-porter line. Miquel’s idea for MQL Suay was born from his belief that fashion should be meaningful and the need to LIVE THE CHANGE. Alongside with his creative team, Suay has pinpointed global issues to use as inspiration for capsules that bring attention as well as raise money for said issue.




The first capsule brings attention and awareness to the lack of rights of women in Afghanistan through the lens of Nadia Anjuman and her extremely powerful poems written in her book “Jo, que no he valgut els budells d’un gos”. Here is her story…


On 30 August 2021, the last US aircraft left Kabul ending the 20-year failed mission in Afghanistan. The country has been brought under the control of the Taliban and, as a result, the human rights and freedom of expression of Afghan women have been affected and attacked.


Among the strict, retrograde code imposed by the radicals is a dark dress that, according to the social networks of Afghan women living abroad, does little to represent their true culture. Other rights affected have been education, work, health and access to information, among many others.


Nadia Anjuman, the sixth daughter of a large family, had to live her teenage years under the power of the Taliban during the 90. In his day-to-day life, he was forbidden to work away from home, study or even laugh in public, bans that many other women also passed through their hands. He took advantage of something he was allowed to do, going to sew or embroidery as an excuse to participate in the sewing circles of Herat, a place where young women studied literature in secret. After forcibly marrying an administrative employee of the Faculty of Literature of the University of Herat, the young woman managed to study and publish her first book called Flor Ahumada, a poet who denounced the oppression suffered by her fellow countrymen. Soon after, Nadia was killed by her husband.


The world has once again become aware of the humiliating state of subjugation and abuse that Afghan women suffer on a day-to-day basis, but are we still paying the same attention to it as before?


We, as a brand, could be more comfortable and look the other way, but we don’t want to. For this reason, the first capsule collection we present is inspired by the poems of Nadia Anjuman and whose crowdfunding and benefits obtained are destined to the propagation and diffusion of the poetry of Nadia in the different institutes and schools of design.